Ageing style mistake women over 50 make, named by expert


There are many ways women can go about looking younger: revamping their makeup routine, switching up their hair, or even going down the cosmetic treatment route.

However, many ladies do not realise that their favourite clothes are ageing them before their time, and a wardrobe overhaul could be just the trick to take years off.

Deirdre, an over 50s fashion influencer and face of 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre, spoke exclusively to about the key style mistake mature ladies are making which ages them prematurely.

Black or very dark clothing might be your thing, but Deirdre suggested women of a certain age should be careful where the dark colours are on their bodies.

She told women over 50: “STOP wearing dark colours next to your face. I’m talking to you, black!”

The influencer explained: “Wearing dark colours – especially black – can be too dark and harsh around the face.”

As we age, our skin naturally becomes thinner, paler and more translucent, as the number of pigment-containing cells (melanocytes) decreases – according to MedlinePlus. 

But if black and dark colours are your thing, Deirdre doesn’t suggested ditching them entirely. Instead, try this very simple trick to avoid looking washed out.

She advised: “If you like black (after all, it’s slimming, right?!) and maybe you adore chic turtlenecks in darker shades, just add a lighter coloured scarf or a string of timeless pearls at your neck.

“This will have the effect of giving off light and will reflect onto your face to give you a subtle, inner glow, which will be youthful and radiant. Chic French ladies love pearls for a reason!”

Indeed, Leonce Chenal, a lifestyle platform created by a French woman for lovers of everything French, suggested that “all stylish French women” own white pearls.

The platform advised: “To wear your pearls the Chanel way, layer multiple strands over a black turtleneck for an elegant mid-century vibe.”

In her a video on her YouTube channel entitled ‘Over 50? What To Stop Wearing And What To Wear Instead’, the style influencer shared another anti-ageing tip for ladies in need of a wardrobe revamp.

She told women over 50 to “stop wearing only basic, classic clothes”. While the basics are absolutely essential, limiting yourself to them is a one-way ticket to “frumpsville”.

Deirdre advised that women over 50 should vamp these staples up with “interesting little details”, making sure to “give a nod to new trends”.

Check out 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre for the ultimate fashion tips for over 50s women.


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