Amazon item ‘saves a lot of space in suitcase’ and is ideal for ‘flying with hand luggage’


Travelling is expensive, but finding space-saving solutions can help save on luggage costs.

Many are jetting off on holiday before the summer ends, but paying extra for luggage can really put a dent in your spending budget.

With budget airlines offering only minimal luggage included in the flight price, those looking to save money when flying have found a solution on Amazon.

Although not everyone owns a set of packing cubes, frequent flyers should consider the space and time-saving benefits that Amazon shoppers are praising.

Buy: Gzvxuny Compression Packing Cubes (£23.99)

Although packing cubes are not a new invention and are known for being useful for organising a suitcase, Amazon’s include a handy feature that saves even more space.

The compression element allows the cubes to be even more tightly packed, with double zips which reduce the bulk by up to 50 percent.

The lightweight design of the cubes avoids adding any extra weight to luggage and are water-resistant so clothes are protected.

It is worth keeping in mind that not all of the cubes in the set are compressing, as shoppers will receive four compression cubes of different sizes, and one non-compressing shoe bag.

The packing cubes are being praised in the reviews, with some calling them a ‘great purchase’.

Hafsa Farooqi said: ”I loved the product. It saved a lot of space in my suitcase for other stuff. Highly recommended.”

Lydia Grim commented: ”Received in good time. They feel sturdy with a good strong zip. Haven’t travelled with them yet but they are packed up and ready to go on holiday this week. Can fit lots in them, summer holiday clothes for family of 4!! Everything now goes in one bag to go in the hold! Nice and neat. Great purchase.”

Monkeyman also added: ”This selection of bags really helps me compress my clothes, especially when I’m flying with hand luggage. I find that they compress them down by about a third. Initially I was slightly disappointed when I got the set because there are 2 rather small bags but now I have found these to be better than the medium and large bags because they seem to compress a bit more. The shoe bag is OK for keeping things clean but does no compression. I have given the set 4* because I don’t think the build quality is great, there are several loose threads around. I am very happy with this set and even if they don’t last very long I would still buy again.”


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