‘Anti-ageing’ eyebrow trick for ‘brighter eyes’ – make wrinkles ‘less noticeable’

Having your eyebrows shaped may not be able to work miracles, but according to celebrity brow and lash artist Shavata Singh, some simple tweaks to your brows could disguise some of the most common signs of ageing skin. Shavata, whose concessions are located in Harvey Nichols stores across the UK, has worked in the industry for over 30 years tending to clients including Adele, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson and Elle Macpherson.

Her business, Shavata Singh London, has over 12K followers on Instagram. Speaking to Express.co.uk, she explained the importance of choosing the correct brow shape to complement your overall appearance.

She said: “Shaping the brow cannot remove your fine lines, crows feet, dark circles or eye bags, however, by moving the arch slightly out, we can create an anti-ageing effect.

“By making the brows just a shade narrower, the face becomes lighter, brighter and those lines and dark shadows become less noticeable.”

When it comes to choosing the right eyebrow style for your face, Shavata recommends following the natural shape and structure of your brows. “One of the worst mistakes I see is people not following the natural shape of their brows,” she explained.

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“Making them too thin, creating a tadpole look of too thick at centre with a thin tail or drawing them too heavy in the front are also big no-nos.”

She continued: “I never like to fight nature so if you have thick busy brows, don’t be tempted to pluck them within an inch of their life. I also like to see the way the brow muscles move naturally, which helps the artist define the natural shape of the brow.”

If you have noticeably thin brows, whether from years of overplucking or just as a result of age, it’s best not to overdo filling them in. “When it comes to brows, less is always more,” explained Shavata. “The main thing to remember is that eyebrows should complement the face but never be the main feature.” 

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When filling your eyebrows in with product, the expert recommends holding your pencil “like you are sketching and not writing”. She added: “This will help to create light natural soft strokes.”

Anti-ageing eyebrow tricks

Kristie Streicher, an eyebrow expert, shares some of her “best anti-ageing eyebrow techniques” with YouTube channel NewBeauty Magazine. To begin, she recommends massaging a pre-tweezing oil into the eyebrows to “soften the skin and hair follicle” which makes tweezing less irritating.

When plucking your eyebrows, make sure to use natural light and avoid using a magnifying mirror. Removing the fuzz beneath the brows can make them look a little bit fuller and focus on the shape you are trying to achieve.

“When you’re trimming the brows you always want to start brushing the hair up,” explained Kristie. “Just take a little bit off the end of the hair not cutting them too short. You always want to cut one hair at a time staggering the length so it creates a soft, feathered look.”

When filling in, the brow expert recommends using an eyebrow gel first, making sure to make it to your natural hair colour. Next, she fills in further using an eyebrow pencil, moving in the same direction as the hair growth.

“When you’re trying to find the best shape for your brow you want to use a pencil or a brush, and hold it just to the outside of the nostril straight up and that’s where the brow should start,” explained Kristie.

“If you place it against the nostril and just to the outside of the pupil that is where the highest point of the arch should be, and again from the corner of the nose to the end of the eye is where the brow should end.”

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