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Are you all multiversed out? If not, here’s another blockbuster where a hero enters a wobbly portal to meet an alternate version of himself. And can you separate art from the artist? Because said hero is The Flash, also Barry Allen, the fleet-footed chap from the Justice League movies who is still played by Ezra Miller.

In an alternate universe, Hollywood executives replaced the actor after a 2020 video surfaced, appearing to show Miller choking a young woman in a bar in Iceland.

In this universe, they built a $200million solo movie around the B-lister, who faced a number of allegations and arrests after the film wrapped in 2021.

And, after going through a rumoured 45 writers since the film was announced in 2014, here’s the plot they went with. Allen, who is blessed with superspeed, discovers he can travel through time when he achieves a new personal best on the streets of Gotham.

As his backstory involves a dead mum and a dad accused of her murder, he tries to rejig past events to save them both. But meddling with the space-time continuum robs him of his superpowers and plonks him in an alternate timeline just as the plot from the 2013 DC movie Man Of Steel kicks into gear. As evil General Zod (Michael Shannon) arrives on Earth, Superman fails to show up to sort him out.

So Allen has to shepherd a younger, dorkier version of himself through his origins story and seek help from Superman and Batman. But, this being an alternate universe, Batman is no longer Ben Affleck’s dour Dark Knight but the fun Michael Keaton version.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill’s bland Superman has been replaced by Sasha Calle’s short-tempered Supergirl.

These are definitely improvements and if your answers to my opening questions are no and yes, you should find this one of the more entertaining DC movies.

It all moves along rather zippily until director Andy Muschietti tries to restage the 2013 film’s CGI-heavy finale.

His alternate version isn’t much better.

The Flash, Cert 12A, In cinemas now

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