Astrologer shares four ‘luckiest’ zodiac signs in 2024

It may only be June 2023 but astrologers are already making their predictions about what 2024 has in store for each zodiac sign. 

In western astrology there are 12 zodiac signs, all with different characteristics and personality traits.

According to an astrologer at Astrotalk, which four zodiac signs are promised good fortune in 2024?

The astrologer stated: “In 2024, some zodiac signs are destined to shine brighter than the rest. 

“These lucky individuals will experience a stroke of fortune and favourable circumstances throughout the year.”

According to the astrologer, Sagittarius will be “one of the luckiest zodiac signs” in 2024, experiencing a year of “abundance and good fortune”.

Sagittarius is adventurous and never afraid to explore the unknown, which “propels them towards exciting opportunities and favourable outcomes”.

This sign often creates their own luck due to their outgoing personality, and their “innate curiosity and eagerness to explore new horizons attracts a series of serendipitous encounters”.

They will be “irresistible to others” and opportunities, making 2024 a “remarkable year” for them.

Next up is Leo, who is set to “attract a series of fortunate events” through their “radiant energy and magnetic charm”.

Leo’s luck is both man-made and down to the stars; while planetary forces do “align in their favour”, Leo’s “determination and self-confidence” will drive them to greatness.

The astrologer continued: “Furthermore, romance and passion are in the air as they find themselves attracting potential partners who align with their desires.”

Libra may also receive some “unexpected blessings” in the next calendar year, “navigating various situations with ease and finesse”.

Others will be drawn to this sign too, with “harmonious connections” on the horizon for this sign.

Libra will experience a surge of love and affection, fostering deeper bonds and creating a sense of unity.”

Finally, Taurus will be one of the “luckiest” zodiac signs in 2024 with “fortuitous events throughout the year”.

Taurus is not one to let life pass them by, and will likely “make the most of their lucky streak” in clever ways.

This sign can expect great things when it comes to their career, a steady pay rise, more recognition and “open doors”.

Single Taurus may see a new romantic relationship “blossom”, and taken Taurus could see their existing partnership “deepen”.

An astrologer at Astrotalk also shared which zodiac sign is the most “temperamental” – they are “not afraid to express anger”.

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