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It’s been over 30 years since the Back to the Future trilogy ended, but fans cannot get enough of Doc Brown and Marty McFly after all these years on. Aside from London being home to the official musical version of the original film, the UK capital is also now the host of a special exhibition with over 70 items used in the classic time travel movies.

Back In Time Exhibition: A Tribute to Back to the Future is the largest collection of set pieces and memorabilia from the film trilogy in Europe. On loan from the Back to the Future Museum in Italy are the likes of original 2015 hoverboards, Marty McFly’s drying red jacket and one of the self-lacing Nike trainers.

There are plenty of displays with behind-the-scenes information and making-of secrets for fans to enjoy, including the Back in Time documentary on the trilogy playing on a big screen in one of the rooms. This features interviews with the likes of Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, producer Steven Spielberg and director Robert Zemeckis. And at the end, there’s the opportunity to have your photo taken inside a replica of the DeLorean time machine, which fans can even sit inside.

From our visit, can safely say it’s a real treat for mega and even casual fans to see some incredible props, costumes and more. The exhibition room itself could have looked a little less cheap, but to be honest it’s the items we were really there to see. And ending with being able to get inside a version of the car for a picture (for an add-on price to the ticket) was really magical.

Items displayed from Back To The Future include: The DeLorean’s plutonium battery, original production documents, the food distributor for Doc Brown’s dog Einstein, two outfits worn by Christopher Lloyd, the anti-radiation suit, McFly’s walkman, authentic copies of the Hill Valley Telegraph, as well as the complete and exclusive storyboard of the first film’s alternative ending.

Items displayed from Back To The Future Part II include: Several items from Biff Tannen’s world, played by actor Tom Wilson, such as the entrance ticket to the Biff Tannen Museum, the matchbox and the Great Sports Almanac; the four iconic Mattel hoverboards and other product placements like the Pepsi Diet bottle, the futuristic Pizza Hut packaging and the Nike Mag of the future; decorations from the Enchantment under the sea school dance; items used by Doc Brown like the Ez-sleep device and the walkie-talkie with which he communicated with Marty. 

Items displayed from Back To The Future Part III include: A new copy of the Hill Valley Telegraph dated September 4, 1885, the production megaphone used on set and the complete western-style outfit worn by Michael J. Fox.

Back In Time Exhibition: A Tribute to Back to the Future is located in Camden Market Hawley Wharf. The attraction is open until at least the end of February and tickets can be booked here.

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