Cleaner shares ‘rude’ things some clients do – ‘we’re not pond slime’

Victoria from @pocketrocketscleaning shared her pet peeves when it comes to the people she cleans for.

The video has amassed a whopping 18,000 views and many comments from fellow cleaners who have experienced similar things.

TikTok creator Victoria prefaced the video by explaining the video is all a bit of fun: “If you have a cleaner and have done any of these, no hate, it’s just a bit of fun, it’s just observation.”

She added that she means no offence by the video, and that it’s just her personal opinion rather than the experience of every cleaner.

However, she did share some telling insights about the way she has been treated in the profession.

Victoria shared that the “absolute worst one” for her is when a client follows her around as she does her job.

She said: “They’ve hired you to clean the house, but obviously they don’t trust you or don’t think you know what you’re doing so they literally follow you around the house like checking up.”

Victoria added that it’s “rude”, “disrespectful” and “downright annoying”, advising people with cleaners to “please” not do this to them.

Victoria’s next pet peeve that “irritates” her as a cleaner is when a client refers to her in a “derogatory way”.

Rolling her eyes, she revealed that some people call their cleaners “the help”. While this is an “extreme example” according to the expert, she shared that others often have an “air about them that you are lower than them, that you work for them or that they are your employer”.

She continued: “It’s not the 1920s, the cleaners and the housekeepers, the staff being the bottom or the lowest of the low, the pond slime, it’s not a thing anymore.”

Victoria also shared that it’s irritating when a cleaner has just finished in a certain area and the client comes in and makes a mess immediately, for example coming in to make lunch just after they’ve cleaned the kitchen. While she knows this is normal practice, she admitted she still finds this a little “irritating”.

Finally, the cleaner recalled being given “ridiculous” jobs to do that aren’t actually cleaning.

She shared that one client asked her to oil their wooden floor – “bring your kneepads next week, I want my floor oiling”.

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