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Roxanne Tunis has tragically died at the age of 93, as her daughter Kimber Eastwood revealed the tragic news on Monday (August 7) evening.

The former stuntwoman, actress and dancer died on June 23rd after a “brief illness”, the 59-year-old explained.

Roxanne is survived by her daughter and grandson.

Speaking to Radar Online, Kimber revealed her father, Clint Eastwood, had reached out in support and revealed he is “just as sad as I am”.

Another source told the outlet Roxanne had been “one of Clint’s true loves” and the Oscar winner had a friendly relationship with the stuntwoman until her death.

Kimber and her father also enjoy a close relationship and she has even appeared alongside her A-list dad in the 1997 hit Absolute Power.

Roxanne had previously been married to Jack Watson Scheck Jr. and garnered a handful of acting roles between the 1960s and 1980s.

Following her Hollywood career, the former dancer became a transcendental meditation teacher.

Her daughter said: “She was a devoted daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, friend and deeply religious. Our lives are forever changed.”

Clint and Roxanne had a 14-year-long affair after the pair met in 1959 on the set of a television show, Rawhide, although their romance only reportedly started in 1964, the same year they welcomed Kimber.

Kimber’s birth sparked a frenzy of love-child headlines because, at the time, the Hollywood legend was married to his first wife and college sweetheart Maggie Johnson.

His affair reportedly caused the now 93-year-old to briefly separate from Maggie but the pair would ultimately remain married for over three decades before divorcing in 1984, with Roxanne and Clint’s relationship staying strong throughout the 1970s.

Although it is not clear why the pair split, Clint began to garner a reputation as a Hollywood Playboy in the decades since.

The legendary actor has been married twice but has at least eight known children with six different women, with many of these relationships overlapping.

However, a source told the aforementioned outlet his relationship with Roxanne had been his longest and she “worshipped the ground he walked on” not because of his fame and fortune but because of who he was as a person.

A former TV colleague of both Clint and Roxanne noted the pair were clearly very in love on set, as they recalled: “After Clint would finish a scene, he’d amble over to Roxanne and stroll around the set with his arm affectionately around her.”

Daily Express US has approached representatives of Clint Eastwood for comment on this story.


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