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This is known as Council Tax Support or Council Tax Reduction.

People can make a claim whether they own their home or they’re renting, and their employment status won’t have an impact on their claim.

There is no set amount of Council Tax Support. What people get depends on their circumstances and where they live.

People may get more Council Tax Support if they receive a disability or carer’s benefit.

If someone receives the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit they may even get their Council Tax paid in full.

If someone doesn’t get Guarantee Credit but they have a low income and less than £16,000 in savings, they may still get some help.

Each local council is responsible for operating its own Council Tax Support scheme so the amounts of support given across the country may vary.

Wherever someone lives, the amount of Council Tax Support they get depends on many factors, including:

  • their age
  • their income, including any benefits you receive
  • their savings
  • who they live with
  • how much Council Tax they pay.

If they’re not over state pension age, the Council Tax Support they’re entitled to is worked out under ‘working age scheme’ rules.

People can check these rules with their local council.

On the Money Saving Expert website, Martin Lewis and the team explain the amount of council tax one pays depends on the number of ‘qualifying adults’ are in the property.

Two or more qualifying adults in a household means that no discount applies, and the full council tax is due.

One qualifying adult in a household means that a single-person discount applies, equivalent to 25 percent off the council tax bill.

No qualifying adults in a household results in either a discount of 50 percent or a 100 percent exemption, depending on exactly who lives in the property.

It should be noted that having no qualifying adults is not the same as when a property is unoccupied.

Certain people don’t qualify to pay council tax as they are ‘disregarded’.

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