Critically ill puppy ‘hanging on’ after being found a covered cage near rubbish bins


Animal rescuers have thanked a local Texan community for “rallying around” an abandoned dog who was discovered in critical condition in a parking lot.

Police are currently searching for the person who abandoned an adult dog thought to be a poodle mix after they responded to an animal welfare concern on Tuesday morning (August 22) in College Station, Texas.

According to the College Station Police, the dog was found in “extremely poor” condition inside a kennel stationed next to dumpsters but is currently receiving emergency care.

On Facebook, the police department wrote: “On arrival, the Animal Control Officer discovered an adult male poodle mix, tan in color, inside a wire dog kennel with a blanket draped over it. The kennel was located between two dumpsters in a public parking area.”

The dog is now recovering at the Kingdom Animal Hospital and is now under the care of the Aggieland Humane Society, an animal rescue organization. who named the pup ‘Tahoka.’

The Aggieland Humane Society has begun a fundraising campaign for Tahoka’s “considerable medical costs” in order to help save the dog’s life but is currently unknown if he will make a recovery.

On Instagram, Aggieland has shared a picture of Tahoka sleeping and has said they have a loving foster family lined up to adopt this “sweet boy” if he is able to get better.

Alongside the photo, Aggieland wrote: “We are incredibly grateful to see this community rallying around this poodle and his cruelty case.

“He is currently fighting for his life and receiving intensive treatment at a local veterinarian. There is a long road ahead of him, but we are hopeful.”

On social media, Tahoka has become very popular as many both in the local community and worldwide online community hope he is able to have a happy life and able to get healthy.

One user said: “I’m so happy this baby was found. I hope he has the best and brightest future as a loved fur baby.”

A second person wrote: “Poor baby! Very sad! The owner should be put in a cage, see how they like it!”

Another commentator said: “Stay strong little rockstar”

Someone else commented: “Humans can be so thoughtful and caring; others so hateful and shameful in nature. I pray that this sweet baby recovers and the memory of this be erased by the overwhelming love of his caregiver.”


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