DEAL OF THE DAY: Amazon’s £11 tape is helping shoppers ‘minimise heating costs’ for winter

With temperatures remaining low this winter, many have been looking for ways to keep cold air out and reduce use of central heating.

The brush strips help to improve energy efficiency by sealing gaps and leaks to block outside air from entering.

It’s available in four colours including black, grey, brown and white, which is ideal for matching the colour with the door, and there are also four different sizes to choose from, 9 x 5mm, 9 x 9mm or 9 x 15mm.

The easy peel and stick application is designed to simplify weather-sealing projects with an effective seal perimeter around the windows and doors.

It can help not only to keep draughts out, but also to protect against mould, water, sound and dust from entering the room or house.

Many reviewers are praising the tape, with some calling it ”easy to use and effective”.

Caroleh said: ”Arrived quickly, easy to use and effective. It was a bit thicker than I was prepared but does a good job.”

MandJ commented: ”Like many folk, in these days of off the scale gas and electricity costs I am taking steps to minimise heating costs by reducing draughts around the house. I have tried and been disappointed with various types of draught excluder in the past and purchased this one thinking that it too would probably disappoint. How wrong I was. This product is excellent.”

KateKate also added: ”When I moved to my new property the front door had gaps around the door and cold air was getting in. This has sorted the problem easily.”

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