DEAL OF THE DAY: Save £16 off Expert-recommended Amazon duvet that’s ‘warm for winter’

Research from Benson & Beds has shown that 2022 saw a 52 percent spike in Google searches for ‘winter duvet’ in the UK as Brits look to stay warm during winter. And with the energy crisis continuing, it’s smart to look for alternative methods of heating to avoid increasing bills.

Staying warm without putting on the heating has become a top priority in the UK, and it’s become even more prevalent at night time as Brits struggle to sleep in the cold.

Experts at Benson & Beds recommend that adapting your duvet tog rating as the weather gets colder and Amazon shoppers are praising the Silentnight Deep Sleep Duvet for helping them get a warm, cosy sleep.

Slashed down from £47 to £31.37 on Amazon, it’s now on offer and the all seasons duvet offers three combinations in one duvet, making it thick enough for the winter and lightweight in summer.

Designed with soft hollow fibre and hypoallergenic, it’s a great way to stay cosy at night without using central heating and popular with shoppers.

The Silentnight All Seasons duvet features two duvets at two togs; a 4.5 tog and 10 tog, and it can be combined together with popper fastenings to become one duvet at 14.5 tog, which is more than enough for minus temperatures.

Emma Beck, Buying and Merchandising Manager for Bensons for Beds said: “13.5 is typically the highest tog rating you’ll need for the UK, ideal for our winter climate. Tog ratings are usually the minimum insulation – meaning that particular duvet could keep you even warmer.”

She recommended buying an all seasons duvet and added: “These are especially ideal for those who struggle to regulate their temperature as the climate changes as well as being a real value-for-money product where you’re getting three for the price of one.”

It’s now on sale for a bargain price at £31.37 so don’t hesitate to buy the Silentnight Deep Sleep duvet now.

Amazon shoppers are absolutely loving the duvet for its softness, lightweight material, comfort and incredible value for money.

Anna Rose commented: “Super warm for winter. Bought this to replace a similar one that wasn’t keeping us warm anymore, presumably due to age and filling breaking down with washing. The difference was amazing. Was so cosy and warm during those icy cold nights.”

L.Jones agreed: “Soft, lightweight but warm and cosy.”

Rainforest also added: “I’m currently using both duvets because it’s cold in the Highlands and they are very cosy without being too hot.”

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