Dog dumped on side of road searches every garden in the area looking for his family


An animal rescuer has described the heart-wrenching moment a pup frantically searched for the family members who had abandoned him.

The devastating case was reported by animal rescuer Suzette Hall, who saved the dog moments before a historic hurricane swept across Southern California. 

With nowhere to go, the abandoned pup frantically began scanning the area in the hope of being reunited with his long-lost family members. 

Locals in the neighborhood saw the pup pace across a Los Angeles neighbourhood, peering into each garden that he walked past. 

As more neighbors spotted the large white pup roam the area, they knew they had to alert animal rescuers to his situation. 

“The neighbors were all feeding him, but no one wanted to let him in because he had so many ticks,” Hall explained to the Dodo.

The dog – later named Scooby – was left but no choice but to wait for the help of a Good Samaritan. Hall arrived at the scene to help, she could see how hellbent he was on finding the family that had left him behind.

“He would look under people’s gates as if to say, ‘Are you my home?” noted Hall. “He just wanted to find his family.”

The eyes of the pup filled with glee as Hall approached him, aware that the rescuer was there to help.

“It was like he knew a rescuer was there,” added the Good Samaritan. “But he was a little hesitant because he thought they would come back.


“I think he thought that if he left with me, he would never see that family again.”

It was as though the dog was aware that walking away with the rescuer would hinder his chances of being reunited with his family, explained Hall.

She took time to reassure Scooby that he was in safe hands, and once he’d warmed to her, she drove him to a hospital where his illnesses were treated.

“He literally just wiggles his tail now, rolls over, and wants belly rubs,” Hall explained. “We are desperately looking for the forever family that he deserves. He’ll never be abandoned ever again.”


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