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Elvis Presley’s prized Smith & Wesson revolver – gifted to the King of Rock during his final months – has reportedly sold for nearly $200,000 (£158,000) after going on auction last weekend.

The custom double-action 53 model was sold through the Rock Island Auction Company, and was initially expected to earn between $60,000 and $90,000 (£47,000 and £71,000).

However, a bidding war rose between Elvis fans and gun enthusiasts as the sums quickly entered six digits and ultimately fetched $199,570 (£157,732).

Although the Jailhouse Rock singer was largely known for his sultry vocals and a scattering of Hollywood roles, he was also an avid firearm collector and his infamous Memphis home even featured a shooting rage.

During the last years of his life before his tragic death at the age of 42, the musician kept a gun with him during concerts according to the Daily Mail.

The auction house noted that the Blue Suede Shoes singer had roughly 37 firearms, including the custom revolver, as well as a machine gun in his collection at the time of his death.

The revolver was specially engraved by a master engraver at the Smith & Wesson company in 1976, Russell J. Smith, and was crafted as a special bi-centennial commemorative piece specifically to be gifted to the entertainer.

The custom firearm features intricate detailed carvings across the metal body as well as an engraving of a bald eagle carrying the American flag and a golden liberty bell just below the hammer.

The auction company has also previously sold other items from Elvis’ firearms collection, most notably auctioning his Colt Python revolver for $172,500 (£136,337) in 2017.

Much like the Colt Python firearm, Elvis’ revolver featured golden inlay and bands strung across the barrel and cylinder.

The master engraver was also known for his meticulous note-keeping, which for Elvis’ custom revolver revealed that original plans for the gun featured the musician’s signature engraved into the metal too.

Tragically, the Hound Dog singer died in August 1977 just nine months after receiving the one-of-a-kind revolver.


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