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During his two decades at Graceland, Elvis Presley would put on a huge private party for his inner circle at the Tennessee mansion. The house would be beautifully decorated with a Christmas tree in almost every room, not to mention the stunning festive lights on the outside that are still put up to this day. Even weeks before Christmas Eve, his close family would be getting very excited about the intimate and exclusive event.

One of them is Danny Smith, who grew up as a childhood friend of Lisa Marie at Graceland. He’s the son of Billy Smith, Elvis’ cousin and the last surviving original Memphis Mafia member.

On his YouTube channel, Memphis Mafia Kid, Danny shared with glee: “It was out of this world. It was like anticipation for the whole month, even after Thanksgiving I just couldn’t wait for Christmas Eve at Graceland.”

Upon arrival inside Graceland in their stylish but relaxed clothes, there would be tons of festive food laid out informally around the mansion for guests to enjoy.

Danny said of playing with Lisa Marie: “We had so much fun. We’d run all over Graceland and had everything you could think of to eat. Sweets, candy, all kinds of stuff.”

Yet for Elvis’ relative, the climatic moment was waiting for The King to come downstairs and join the party. He remembers waiting by the staircase that led down to the kitchen and admitted he’d get chills just waiting for the star’s arrival.

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In the early hours of Christmas Day, Elvis would be upstairs in his bedroom chatting with Danny’s parents. This meant that he, Lisa Marie and the other Memphis Mafia kids could continue to play and even help themselves to some leftover punch. He added: “It was one of the greatest things that I got to live and experience and it wasn’t just Christmas time. Just that life.”


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