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A woman has come back from losing her multi-million business to launching two new enterprises projected to turn over £10million in the new three years.

Angela McKillop, 42, is already enjoying a £2.7million turnover with her two businesses, and has created a new app, GrowthFlix, building on her experience as a business coach.

She spent 10 years building a multi-million business in the construction industry but was crushed when this fell apart in 2016.

She told Express.co.uk about how she went on a “painful” process of reflection and self-development to work out where the business went wrong and how to move forward.

She decided to use her experience to create a new venture helping other businesses avoid her previous mistakes.

In 2018, she began by getting some qualifications in life coaching to build on her experience running a business, so she could help train others.

She set up two training programmes and decided to tailor her content for business owners, helping them grow their ventures and increase their profits.

She was able to develop her coaching business and made up to £10,000 a month, running two development programmes.

“It’s something I became really passionate about, because I believe if we had the right guidance and help and support, it might not have happened”, she said.

“People do need help and support. If it’s something really simple like mindset, or protecting your business and growth strategies, making sure you’re spreading the risk – these are really easy things to implement, if you know how to.”

Ms McKillop has her own business success to give as an example, as in January 2020 she set up a business called We Love Your Projects.

The venture is a group of specialist trade companies that install kitchens, bathrooms and other home products, and the business now turns over £2.7million.

She moved away from coaching for three years as she built this company but now she has a new project underway.

She wanted to move her training programmes online and so launched GrowthFlix on the Apple store in May this year.

The app offers a range of materials to help business owners including a questions and answers session with Ms McKillop.

The app has a section that is available for free but Ms McKillop is hoping to encourage more people to sign up for the membership, which costs £47 a month.

Her clients have included a wide range of people, from tradespeople and manufacturers to photographers.

She said she hugely enjoys seeing people progress and those “lightbulb moments” when people realise they have huge potential to grow their business.

She said: “When you’re working on the business it’s important to focus on the deep meaningful work that will have an impact.

“Give your all, seek out opportunities and commit 100 percent to your business goals.

“On the flip side, make sure you are getting enough sleep, fresh air, fuel your body and take time out to recharge. You will know when you find the balance that works for you.”

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