Expert claims to spot William and Kate’s ‘most openly romantic gesture’

Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales have been happily married for over 12 years now, having tied the knot on April 29, 2011.

The royal duo appear just as much in love now as they were back then, with fans often getting glimpses of the pair beaming at each other and being affectionate in public.

While there have been many instances over the years where William and Kate have acted in a romantic fashion, body language expert Judi James believes one moment in particular stands out.

According to Judi, “perhaps the most openly romantic gesture from the couple came during their Canadian tour of 2011”.

On July 4, 2011, William and Kate took part in a dragon boat race where the Prince emerged as the victor.

Judi noted a sweet moment between the pair captured just over a month after their wedding, where William pulled his wife in for a hug post-race.

She stated: “There was an air of sporting competitiveness in the air, which always seems to bring out the signals of passion from William and Kate and this hug looked spontaneously romantic.

“William pulls Kate right in against his torso and under his armpit for this cuddle and gazes at her face with a smile of pure affection.

It’s Kate looking slightly bashful here, placing a loving hand on his ribs while the people around watch and smile in a way to show total appreciation for the gesture.”

Judi claimed that this pose was not a one-off but something the pair had been spotted doing before.

She said: “There was another important romantic point about this pose, too. Many of the traits mimicked the pose the pair adopted back in the day when they were dating and graduating.”

According to the expert, Kate and Will’s pose mirrored a body language choice made by another very in love royal couple – Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

The late Queen and Prince Philip were married for an incredible 73 years before his passing in April 2021.

Judi claimed: “The Queen and Philip illustrated the ongoing continuity of their love as a couple by adopting identical poses for their formal pics throughout their years together and it looked here as though Kate and William were doing the same thing, albeit subconsciously.”

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