Expert shares simple tip for ‘healthier, happier menopausal skin’ – ‘it’s the holy grail’

Menopause can mean changes for the skin but these can be mitigated in just a few simple steps. Dr Catherine Hood, women’s health expert and a member of Japan’s top selling skincare brand Hada Labo Tokyo, told four easy ways women going through menopause can look after their skin.

Perimenopause, the period leading up to menopause, can last for a number of years.

Dr Catherine exclusively told “During this period, a woman’s ovaries produce less oestrogen, which causes an imbalance with the hormone progesterone.

“It’s oestrogen that helps skin to maintain its plump less and moisture, so when we lose it, our skin can dry out.

“As your hormone levels begin to decrease in this decade of life, so does your collagen and elastin production. Collagen is what’s needed to help our skin to remain firm.”

However, despite these inevitable biological changes, your skin does not have to be doomed.

The expert shared four simple ways women can get rid of the skin problems associated with menopause.

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Boost hydration

Dr Catherine stated: “It’s vital that menopausal skin stays hydrated.

“This means ensuring you take in adequate liquid throughout the day but also opting for hydrating skin care products.”

Make sure you are drinking enough water – the NHS recommends between six to eight glasses of fluid per day – and topping this up with hydrating skincare products.

Dr Catherine continued: “Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient to look out for in your skin care – it’s the holy grail of hydration!”

Hyaluronic acid is produced by the body naturally, and according to Cleveland Clinic, is great at retaining water and keeping the skin flexible.


Collagen boosted sun care

Suncream is essential to protect against collagen damage, and it’s not just for those rare scorchers.

Dr Catherine said: “Thought you only needed to wear SPF during the sunny summer months? Think again.

“We should be wearing SPF every single day, whether it be winter or summer, so that skin is protected from UV light.”

Alarmingly, research by Hada Labo Tokyo found that a whopping 67 percent of women do not use a daily suncream.

Enjoy some weekly TLC

Finally, the expert recommended a totally free act of skin – and self care.

Dr Catherine told women going through menopause: “Once a week, give your skin some extra love.”

An at-home facial massage is one way to do this, using your index and middle fingers to massage over your face, starting at the temples.

She explained: “Moving your facial muscles ensures they stay lifted, tightened and toned.”

Anti-ageing face masks can also hydrate the skin, leading to more taut skin, and a brighter complexion.

Dr Catherine Hood is a member of the Hada Labo Tokyo skincare panel.

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