Fashion expert shares major style mistake women over 50 are making


There are plenty of ways women over 50 can look younger. Many ladies opt for anti-ageing haircuts and colours, while others revamp their skincare routine.

Cosmetic treatments or ‘twekments’ are another route to a younger look, with Botox and filler becoming extremely popular, or more invasive options such as facelifts.

Some experts believe that women can take years off by simply giving their wardrobe an update.

Deirdre, founder 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre, shares her fashion, beauty and skincare tips for women over 50.

The YouTube creator spoke exclusively to about how older ladies can look younger instantly by ditching one common fashion habit.

It’s possible that the colours, cuts and styles that suited you in your 20s, 30s and 40s are no longer quite the right fit.

Deirdre explained: “Our colouring may change due to hair colour changes as we age and definitely if we’ve had our hair coloured.

“Our complexions change as we age and all these factors mean that shades that suited us in our twenties may drain us or not set us off to our best advantage now.”

She added: “Also, our body shapes change and, just because we can squeeze into the same (very tight) top, doesn’t mean that it really looks QUITE as amazing as it did when we were 25!”

To cultivate the perfect wardrobe, Deirdre advised: “Firstly, have a ruthless wardrobe cull and clear out. Set aside some time to try on items that suited you when you were younger. Do they still look just as good? Honestly?! Colour and cut? If not, it’s time to bin them and move on to something that will look way more fabulous on you. Over 50 is your Fabulous Time!”

Now this doesn’t mean breaking the bank with a total wardrobe overhaul – just be strict with yourself about which items still work as opposed to which you’re simply holding onto. It’s better to have a few great outfits than a hundred ones that just don’t work anymore.

However, if you sell the clothes you’re getting rid of, you can put this money aside to buy new items that flatter you perfectly.

Check out 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre for the ultimate fashion tips for over 50s women.


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