‘Flirty’ Meghan’s ‘re-branding in action’ as she goes back to ‘Suits mode’ | Royal | News


Meghan Markle has ‘dramatically gone back to Suits mode’ as she re-brands in the star-studded environment that she knows and loves, an expert has claimed.

Photos of Meghan at Beyoncé’s concert show her looking similar to her days as an actress and influencer when she sported a laid-back style.

In the throes of her re-branding efforts, The Duchess posed beside A-listers Kerry Washington and Kelly Rowland at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles.

Body language expert Judi James said Meghan made a dramatic shift back to her “Suits mode” as she mingled with the big-name celebrities.

James explained: “Meghan’s body language seems to have dramatically gone back to her Suits mode here as she poses like a Hollywood celebrity rather than a royal.

“She even out-poses genuine A-list performers like Kelly and Kerry here, with her signal seeming to suggest she’s back in the start-studded environment she adores.”

The expert explained that Meghan’s history gives has helped her develop a flair for switching from royal to celebrity to campaigner with “great ease”.

“This is her right to act like a true celebrity and she does so with body language that hints this could be a new re-branding in action,” James explained.

The former working royal stood face to face with Kelly and torso against torso, suggesting twinned celebrity status and a hint at friendship.

James noted: “Kelly adopts a beautiful smile that remains status in more of her celebrity photos.

“Her smile is so pitch-perfect and sustained that it actually looks like a royal technique.”

Meghan on the other hand, added a flirty touch to her pose by tilting her shoulder forward, noted James.

The expert elaborated: “Meghan adds value to her pose […] throwing in the cute and flirty shoulder lift and subtle forward health tilt.

“Her eye expression looks excited but it also speaks to the camera and therefore to the viewer. Her cheeks are rounded and her mouth smile is symmetric, suggesting genuine please.”


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