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A football coach from Essex managed to create a £3million business from what was initially earning him £30 a week.

Jazz Rose, now 36, launched his business, J&C Academy, aged 17 after being scouted for his “good” coaching skills in a local park.

Mr Rose told that after helping some children with football, he was approached by a woman who asked if he’d like to carry out some coaching sessions at the school she worked at for £2 per head.

After agreeing, Mr Rose said: “We had 15 children in each session – and that’s how I got started with that £30 business.

“Over time I started to realise that I had a magnificent skill and kept being referred to other schools. And it kept on snowballing.”

The J&C Academy worked with schools to help children build their confidence and improve their academic performance through physical education, music, arts and other creative subjects.

Realising he could “only do so much”, Mr Rose then approached his peers to get them involved. He said: “I started training friends and other people that I knew around the local area to deliver in the same way that I delivered. And that’s the reason that we’re able to scale that business up.”

Mr Rose said he managed to employ up to 150 staff and create a £3million business before selling it in 2020.

Mr Rose said: “It was more word of mouth and being referred from one school to another. And then it was a case of sending out marketing letters and emails and galvanising more interest that way. Over time, we started to develop really effective marketing and communication practices with videos.

“We were able to turn it from a sort of part-time after-school club type business to a full-time business.”

Mr Rose continued: “When I was 17, I pictured it being big, but never as big as it actually became. And I suppose a part of that is ongoing development and ongoing learning.

“Every time you reach a new goal, you think, ‘Let me set another bigger goal’, and the feeling of impacting so many children and doing an amazing job – you just become really reputable.

“And with that reputation becomes more clients that want your services because they know how good you are. That was just a really exciting process for me – being able to impact up to 30,000 children a week at some point.”

After reaching his “peak” performance with the J&C Academy, Mr Rose felt it was time to invest his time into a new venture, Money Mastery.

Mr Rose said: “One of the things that really helped me was turning my skill sets into assets. I was a footballer and I turned that skill into coaching other children football. And I turned that skill into coaching adults on how to teach more effectively. So now I help entrepreneurs, coaches and consultancies turn their skills into scalable seven-figure businesses.”

Imparting a tip for fellow business owners, Mr Rose said to “package a remarkable solution”. He explained: “A lot of people have lots of different offers, but what I always advise people to do is to package an offer together so that it has improved outcomes for the clients and also improved profit for you as a business owner.

“When we worked in the schools, it was a case of not only doing PE but also doing music and modern foreign languages as well, and art and drama, so that then create an improved outcome for them as a school.

“They can come to one company for so many resources, whereas also improve profitability for us. So that’s one of the things that I would advise business owners to do, is to package their offer.”


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