Galaxy Quest, the best Star Trek movie, could be getting a TV series


Galaxy Quest promotional still
Look at that exceptional crew of actors and Tim Allen. | Image: Dreamworks

Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek movie. I’m not trying to start fights here. This isn’t a Picard versus Kirk situation. This is just the facts. There have been a lot of Star Trek movies, and none have managed to blend the whimsy and curiosity of the franchise with the action and grand scale of film as well as Galaxy Quest.

But Galaxy Quest, the 1999 film starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman, also technically isn’t Star Trek; it’s a film about the cast of a Star Trek-like series who find themselves stopping actual evil aliens from committing genocide.

But now Paramount Plus, the home of all things Star Trek, is looking to adapt the film into a TV series… so I can understand if you’re confused about its relationship…

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