Glasto gatecrashers dig TUNNELS underground to sneak into festival | Music | Entertainment

Cheeky festival goers at Glastonbury have long tried to scale over security fences to nip in for free.

But the creative digging of underground tunnels has been uncovered by festival bosses at the site in Wiltshire.

Headline acts this year include Arctic Monkeys, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Sir Elton John performing on the Pyramid Stage.

Not surprisingly, given the ticket cost and the demand for the sell-out tickets, the site is surrounded by an impressive fence.

Sunbelt Rental describes it on its website as standing 4.12m high and 7.8km long, it has unique high-security features including an attached external roadway to prevent tunnelling, 45 degree overhangs to prevent climbing and zero nuts and bolts “to stop the fence being tampered with.”

A security guard told the Times: “It’s wild. We’ve had to chase people down who bolted through the gates with their bags on, and some use grappling hooks to pull panels off the wall and climb over, like Batman.”

Others are more creative.

Another security worker said: “[They] come under the wall, it’s like the Great Escape but in reverse.”

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