Google Home app finally begins adding support for older Nest Cams


Google is finally starting to add support for older Nest Cams to the Google Home app, starting with the first-generation Nest Cam Indoor from 2015, according to a post from Google on Thursday.

The support is available in the public preview of the Google Home app, and you can find instructions on how to participate in that program on Google’s website. But it might be awhile until you can actually use your Nest Cam Indoor with the app. “Once you’re in the preview, you’ll see a prompt in the Public Preview version of the Home app when you’re able to transfer your camera (it may take a couple of weeks as we slowly add more Nest Cam Indoor users each week) and it will guide you through the process,” Google says in its post about the update. “All eligible Nest Cam Indoor users will also receive an email once access has been rolled out to all users.”

Google launched an overhauled version of the Home app at Google I/O in May. At the time, Anish Kattukaran, director of product at Google Home, reiterated the company’s plans to add support for legacy Nest Cameras to the app. However, Kattukaran said that the move would begin with the first-gen Nest Cam Indoor in July, so the company is a bit behind it’s own deadline. The first-gen Nest Cam outdoor is set to get Home app support next.

If you don’t like the experience of using your Nest Cam Indoor with the Home app, you can transfer the camera back to the Nest app. The Nest app is going to hang around, at least for now; in its post on Thursday, the company said that “there is no change to the Nest app today” and that “you can continue to use the app as you do now.”


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