Grey hair: Best way to colour grey hairs according to a trichologist

Mandy is a qualified trichologist, an expert in hair health and scalp health. She is a hair loss practitioner, too, and uses her online presence to give advice and guidance.

She has a huge 333.4K followers on her TikTok account @mandybthairapy where she shares tips on how to care for your hair and the best products to use. Mandy also founded and runs the Thairapy Wellness Center. She spoke with exclusively Express about the best way to look after ageing hair.

The hair expert explained the best ways to colour grey hair, and the most flattering haircuts for older people. Mandy said: “There is no magic ‘cure’ for gray hair, yet! Science is always evolving and changing. With projects like CRISPR Genom Editing, there may be a possibility of being able to change this sequence in the DNA or Stem Cells within the follicle to reverse or prevent gray hair.

“Unfortunately, we are years away from this breakthrough science. It is not a defined science quite yet, so for now the best way to cover gray hairs is hair color.”

Mandy advises: “Make sure your hairstylist is having a thorough consultation with you and giving you the services you desire whether that is full gray coverage or gray blending.”

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When it comes to choosing the right haircut, Mandy strongly recommended clients ask their hairdresser to consider their face shape when choosing the cut. She said: “Are any haircuts, products, or treatments better for helping preserve the youthful appearance of hair?

“Certain haircuts or hair colors can make your appearance age or give you a more youthful experience. It is important that your hairstylist is having a thorough consultation with you involving your hair texture, density, and lifestyle.

“Your hairstylist should be covering your face shape and skin tone when choosing a hairstyle that works the best for you. Also, look for pictures online of people who have similar face shapes, skin tones, and hair texture as you.

“This will help guide you to a style that is best suited to your individual needs. Take these photos with you to your hairstylist. They will appreciate the inspiration and use those as a base to develop your perfect style.”

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A hair stylist asko recently told Express what she thinks is the best way to colour grey hair. Hair colour expert Vicki-Anne Hoskin is the recent winner of E4’s The Big Blow Out.

Vicki explained the best type of dye to use, as well as a low maintenance option and one huge mistake to avoid.

The stylist explained: “The best way to colour grey hair is by using a permanent colour, these will cover greys up to 100 percent. A semi-permanent colour will only mask the greys for a couple of weeks, so always go for a permanent colour to give more coverage and make sure those pesky greys are gone.”

If you want to refresh the look without opting for a permanent all-over colour, Vicki said highlights can also be an excellent option. They give a fresher look, without the high maintenance.

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