Grey hair influencer shares top tip for ‘looking younger with grey hair’

Katie Goes Platinum is a YouTube channel devoted to helping women embrace their beautiful silver strands. 

While going grey is an inevitable sign of ageing, it does not directly correlate to looking older.

In fact, with Katie’s tips it’s certainly possible to look chic and youthful with grey or silver hair.

One of the influencer’s main tips for looking younger with grey hair was to find a great stylist who embraces grey hair and does not make you feel bad about going grey.

According to the influencer, a great haircut is essential for women with grey hair, but this haircut is not prescriptive.

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She told women that going grey does not limit a woman’s possibilities, and that they “do not have to adhere to a certain style or a certain look”.

Indeed, according to the influencer, the “sky is the limit” – women with grey hair can rock cropped, short, mid-length and long hair, curly, straight or wavy. 

What matters is not the length or style but ensuring you pop into the salon for regular trims to maintain the health of your hair. Getting regular haircuts means saying goodbye to split ends.

Katie’s next recommendation was for women to find a hairstyle which suits their individual face shape.

She explained that she goes for a centre parting and also has lots of layers put into her hair for “bounce”, “vitality” and a “more youthful look”.

The influencer continued: “Whatever makes you feel good about your hair is what will make you look good and feel youthful with it.”

Katie’s next grey hair tip was not physical but more mental – she encouraged women to rock their greys with pride.

While many women are afraid of the transition to grey hair and would rather turn back the clock, there’s nothing more youthful than accepting who you are.

There are some negative perceptions around going grey, with people seeing an “inextricable link” between going grey and looking old.

However, women can challenge this perception by “rocking it with confidence” – “fake it ’til you make it”.

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