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Grimes has revealed that her and Elon Musk’s two children are very interested in the family business.

The singer shared a rare insight into her co-parenting dynamic with the boss of X formerly known as Twitter Musk during an interview with Wired.

She said that the couple’s son X Æ A-12, 3, and daughter Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, 19 months, are following in their parents’ footsteps when it comes to interest in all things space.

In the interview published on August 8, Grimes said: “X knows a lot about rockets. It’s crazy. He knows more about rockets than me.”

X also has an interest in his father’s area of expertise, astronomical engineering.

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The Oblivion singer added she and Musk had to stop giving him toys because if they’re not anatomically correct, he gets upset.

The 35-year-old added: “He’s a little engineer, for sure. But his obsession with space is bordering on, ‘Is this healthy?'”

The three-year-old loves space and space travel so much that he was actually affected by the April explosion of Musk’s SpaceX spacecraft Starship.

Grimes revealed when her son saw the rocket blow up, he had a three-day PTSD meltdown.

She recalled: “Every hour, he was waking up and going, ‘Starship …’ and I had to rub his back.”

Meanwhile, the couple’s daughter, who they nicknamed Y, is also showing an interest in engineering.

Even though the toddler is only 19 months, Grimes says “she’s a little engineer too” and likes “industrial shipping. She’s very strange.”

The performer acknowledged her children, two of Musk’s 10, will have a “pretty intense” life, but she’s dedicated to giving them a creative environment.

She added: “Being Elon’s kid is not the same as being anyone’s kid. In my house, at least, I want it to be more of a crazy warehouse situation and a cool art space.”

Grimes also said being a mom has made her “a lot more optimistic,” admitting she wasn’t “super focused before.”

The singer led a life that was centred around “what sounds cool, what feels cool.”

Now, she feels a “social responsibility with my art—to make future-optimistic art.”

Grimes said: “Not a lot of people are doing that. People have a very dire vision of the future, because it’s easy and fun to write about cyberpunk dystopias. So seeing my kids makes me pathologically optimistic. It’s a life mission.”

She’s also admitted to being on good terms with Musk, who she dated from 2018 to 2021. In 2022, Grimes told Vanity Fair their relationship was “very fluid.”

Grimes reflected on how much she’s changed over the past five years, saying Musk “challenged” her a lot.

The singer said she learned about running her own team and life, adding: “I’m now way tougher and smarter than I used to be.”

One of the most important lessons Musk has taught her is to “have more fun.”

In return, Grimes tries to “soften him up” to “build a family culture.” Other than this, Musk “steals” a lot of his partners’ memes.


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