Hair colour to make a ‘comeback’ in 2023 is ‘super flattering’ but ‘not for fainthearted’

Pantone named Viva Magenta as its colour of the year for 2023, and hair stylists have predicted that it could make waves for hair trends in the coming year. Stylists have suggested that the 2000s could also be a key player in deciding what haircuts and colours are set to be in vogue, thanks to trends circulating on TikTok.

Stylist and owner of Midlands-based salon HxHair, Heffy Wheeler is known for her eye-catching, viral hair transformations on TikTok and is no stranger to bright colours.

“Whilst shades of pink are always a hugely popular choice for clients, over recent years we’ve seen more muted tones of pinks, baby pinks and rose golds,” she explained.

“In 2023 bright and bold hair is making a comeback, we’ve already seen clients in the salon request much brighter stand-out shades of pink.”

While dying your hair pink might seem like a daunting step, Winner of E4’s The Big Blow Out, Cornwall-based Vicki-Anne Hoskin says the trend offers something for everyone.

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“It’s super flattering for most skin tones and it’s a really pretty lift of colour which I absolutely love,” she said.

“With colour blocking, colour melting techniques and such a broad spectrum of shades of pink to play with it’s going to be a big trend next year.”

Heffy added: “Viva Magenta is about to get bigger however it’s not for the fainthearted but with balayages, panelling and creative colour techniques there’s something to suit everyone.”

An all-over magenta look is perfect for those obsessed with a dazzling, eye-catching look. However, for those who prefer something more natural, Midlands-based, Rory Antonio Hair has a solution.

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“We’ve seen rose gold and rose pink but 2023 is the year of rose brown,” he explained.

“A beautiful mix of pink, rose, beige and brown tones, perfect for grown-out balayages and brunettes who want to spice their hair up a bit. It’s much softer than rose gold blondes and works well on a deep base with a subtle hint of rose.”

On a similar wavelength, shades of copper and red are also anticipated to be a big hit. This broad spectrum of trending shades is why Adam Reed, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Adam Reed London, believes the trend is one which can work for almost anyone.

“I’m loving copper. I’ve always loved copper, I’m obsessed with it,” said the stylist who has worked with stars including Sophie Dahl, Ellie Goulding and Madonna. “I’m so happy to see people coming in to ask for copper hair, and we’re now seeing everything from cooler-based coppers to really bright vibrant fake coppers.

“This trend really works for everyone as there are so many variations of the colour, that’s one of the reasons I love it so much!”

But, the stylists offer a word of warning for those who are looking to make a bold leap into dopamine-inducing hair colours in the upcoming year.

“Never attempt to dye your hair at home,” urged Heffy. “It can be extremely damaging and compromise the integrity of the hair. As hair stylists we have spent years learning the science behind colouring and we know what to do if things go wrong, we also have in-salon services such as Innoluxe which help us to maintain the overall condition of the hair.

“That being said, these gorgeous vivid tones can be maintained in-between salon visits with an at-home colour mask and for long-lasting results make sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, it will help the hair maintain moisture and hold on to the colour pigment whilst gently cleansing the hair without stripping the colour.”

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