Hair expert shares hair hack for mature women which ‘adds weight and volume’

Tired of your short hair? spoke exclusively to hair expert Nicole Petty from Milk + Blush about how long locks might be the secret to looking younger.

A common haircut for mature women is the blunt bob, and some go even shorter with a pixie cut.

However, according to the expert, long hair is not simply for the young, and can be rocked by older ladies too, making you “look and feel youthful”.

Nicole acknowledged though, that long hair “is not for everyone”, so there’s no harm in consulting a hair stylist before growing out that mane.

One reason that long hair does not suit all mature ladies is that the hair gets thinner with age due to our hair strands becoming smaller and losing pigment. The rate of hair growth also slows down.

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If you’re lucky enough to still have thick, luscious locks then that is fabulous and pulling off long hair naturally should not be a problem.

However, this does not mean that the thinner-haired ladies among us cannot rock below-the-shoulder tresses too.

It’s possible to get thicker hair now – if you’re willing to spend a little time and money.

Nicole told mature women: “Invest in some hair extensions to change up your look and add weight and volume to thinning hair.”


Nicole challenged the perception that hair extensions are just for the young, arguing that they can work just as well for older women – “extensions are no longer just for young people”.

Investing in extensions is also a way to channel your favourite ever-stylish celebrities.

She claimed that they are “worn by countless celebrities over 40”, including JLo, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Anniston.

However, Nicole added an important warning: “Visit a salon professional for advice on the best type of extensions, colour and length.

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“They will ensure you get the best extensions to suit your needs that are good quality and long-lasting.”

Hair extensions can be pretty pricey, depending on where you decide to get them fitted and what kind of style you go for.

But still they are a cheaper anti-ageing option than many others – “they are much more accessible cost-wise than other anti-ageing techniques”.

If you do go for extensions, it’s imperative that you look after them properly.

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