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This Wednesday, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny hits UK cinemas, marking Harrison Ford’s fifth and final movie as his archaeologist adventurer.

Yet did you know that after the third movie, he played the character in a 1993 episode of Young Indiana Jones?

The TV show starred Sean Patrick Flanery as young Indy during World War I and the early 1920s.

Each adventure was usually bookended with George Hall playing Old Indy in his 90s, recounting each tale.

However, one episode which is now a TV movie, called Mystery of the Blues, featured Ford reprising the role as a 50-year-old.

Mystery of the Blues opens in 1950 Wyoming with Ford’s Indiana Jones on the run and taking shelter with his Native American side-kick Greycloud inside a snowed-in cabin.

There Indy uncovers a soprano sax which he plays, bringing back memories of his time in 1920 Chicago during Prohibition.

At the end of his story, the men from the start who were chasing them burst into the cabin with guns drawn. They demand the peace pipe back that the unarmed Indy and Greycloud had been on the run with.

Indy lets the baddies leave with the relic and sits down with the saxophone only to play a loud note that causes the snow on the trees outside to rumble and fall on top of the armed men.

Ford’s adventurer swiftly recovers the peace pipe, handing it back to Greycloud and the two continue on their way.

Sadly the Young Indiana Jones TV movies aren’t on Disney+ UK just yet, but there are on the US version of the streaming service.

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