Harry looked ‘happier than he has in a long while’ at a sports game without Meghan


Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, had an active celebrity-filled weekend. Both Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, were spotted attending Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’ concert on Friday at the DoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

The royal couple were seen wearing matching silver outfits after Beyonce requested on social media that fans wear “their most fabulous silver fashions” to her concerts in order to look like a “shimmering human disco ball.”

Both Harry and Meghan were seen dancing, and at one moment shared a steamy kiss, but some royal fans on social media have expressed concern that the Duke of Sussex may have appeared unhappy or not having fun at the concert due to photographs of Harry on his phone.

On Twitter, one user said Harry seemed to be “positively bored out of his skull” while another fan wrote that Harry appeared to look like “the most miserable man to ever watch a Beyonce gig.” However, one man joked that Harry was “relatable” to any husband “made to go to a Beyonce concert.”

A body language expert has claimed Harry looked “happier, more excited and more delighted than he has in a long while” while attending an event by himself the next da.

Judi James, a body language and communications expert, has pointed out that while Harry does appear “glum” in some photographs from the concert, there were also photographs of the royal enjoying himself as well.

Judi said: “Harry’s glum-faced demeanour at the Beyoncé concert might not have been indicative of his behaviour all night and there were pics of Meghan pulling him in for a hug and the couple looking at their screen with smiles of delight.”

However, Judi also added that there are moments where the Duke appeared to be a “mood damper” at times, despite knowing there were media at the concert.

Judi explained: “Having grown up as a royal, Harry will be very aware of the vital skill of the extended pose. When there are cameras around all the time snapping every movement you make, the classic response of the kind of royal smile Kate and the late Queen perfected just has to be the only solution.

“Standing away from the group at Beyoncé, either studying his phone or standing glum-faced with his hands shoved into his pockets can only create moments of what looks like reluctance to enjoy himself. He almost looked like a mood dampener, someone who stands.”

On Sunday, Harry attended a soccer match to watch Inter Miami’s game against LAFC at the BMO Stadium in Los Angeles, California,

The Prince was seen laughing and chatting with fellow soccer fans while wearing a LAFC scarf, which Judi pointed out appeared to be a “contrast” from his appearance at the Beyonce concert.

Judi said: “By contrast, there is Harry at the football, where he managed to look happier, more excited, and more delighted than he has in a long while. His body language rituals are like those of a thrilled child.

“He scrunches up his body and his hands and he also scrunches his scarf as though over-excited for the match to start. At one point he rubbed his hands with glee and performed a wide grin with clenched teeth, implying anticipation.”

After examining some videos of Harry at the march, Judi said that it appeared Meghan was able to help him get some enjoyment out of Beyonce but may seem to have a better time at the soccer game.

Judi explained:” [Harry] looks sociable here too. Meghan was clearly able to prompt some hugs and smiles from him at Beyoncé but here he seems to be calling out to others and generally making other people laugh with his antics.

“Watching long-faced while you let rip dancing and having fun at a party and who can possibly have an effect on the rest of the group.”

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