Holiday hair washing habits ‘lead to dandruff’, claims expert

Yannis Giantzides, medical director of Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinics claimed that there are “disadvantages” to enjoying clean hair too often while abroad.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “While it’s common for people to wash their hair every day when on holiday due to exposure to heat, sun cream, sand, and salt, there are a few things to consider.”

Freshly washed strands may appear clean on the surface, but the damage can be seen closer to the roots.

Even with the most expensive hair products and professional techniques, the impact of overwashing is detrimental.

And according to the hair expert, people may notice it more so on their scalp than anywhere else.

Yannis said: “Washing your hair daily can strip away the natural oils produced by your scalp.

“These oils help to keep your hair moisturised and protect it from damage.

“Frequent washing can lead to dry and brittle hair, especially if you have naturally dry or curly hair.”

Without natural oils present, the scalp can become “dry and itchy”, both of which can quickly get worse in a hot, dry climate.

The Harley Street director claimed that ultimately, this “can lead to discomfort and dandruff” – both of which are frustrating and often embarrassing to deal with.

Of course, cleaning hair too often can impact all different types of strands, but even more so if they’re artificially coloured.

Yannis claimed: “If you have dyed or colour-treated hair, frequent washing can cause the colour to fade more quickly.

“The chemicals in shampoos can strip away the colour molecules from your hair strands, resulting in dull and less vibrant hair.”

Texture is another thing to consider, with exposure to harsh elements and too much cleaning known to contribute to “increased frizz and damage”.

These factors can disrupt the hair’s cuticle, according to Yannis, who noted that it will make strands more susceptible to breakage, split ends and frizziness.

He continued: “To mitigate these disadvantages, you can consider alternative hair care practices while on holiday. For instance, you can try rinsing your hair with plain water to remove any residue from sun cream, salt, or sand without using shampoo.

“You can also use a gentle conditioner to provide moisture and protect your hair. Additionally, wearing a hat or scarf can provide some protection from the sun and help keep your hair cleaner for longer periods between washes.”

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