Horoscope: Four star signs have an ‘attractive magnetism’ after the Full Moon – expert


A Full Moon is one of the most significant lunar events, recognised in astrology as a time for releasing and relinquishing. The lasting effects of this astronomical moment can continue for days after, and according to one expert, that has been the case this week. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, astrologer and author Shannon Hugman revealed exactly what it means for the zodiacs in love, including the luckiest star signs.

Early on Thursday, April 6, the Full Moon occurred as the Sun in Aries formed an opposition to the Libra Moon.

This marked the apex of the lunar cycle, bringing with it a promise of fulfilment of something that will begin with the New Moon.

Even now as the week draws to a close, the 12 zodiacs may still feel the effects of the final lunar phase – particularly when it comes to love, dating and relationships.

Shannon said: “This weekend’s astrological transits give us room to breathe after an intense week.”

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She went on: “We are coming off a hot, heavy full moon that brought up drama and frustrations. However, that same Moon pulled us towards love, passion and intimacy.”

Though confusion is an understandable feeling during such a significant change, the astrologer noted that it’s important to recoup and take a step back ahead of the New Moon.

Shannon said: “In the heat of an argument, we don’t feel the love, but once we’ve gotten things off our chest, we reunite and enjoy each other again.

“This weekend is the aftermath. It’s the makeup kiss, the softening and realizing how important the people we love are.”

Despite the focus on being close to others, this poignant moment is also a time to reflect inwards.

The astrology expert explained: “Conversely, we might see who we want to move beyond, bringing us closer to ourselves.

“Not only was Thursday’s Full Moon in the independent sign of Aries, but the Sun also connected with Chiron, an aspect representing our personal healing journeys. That equals a moody week where we needed some space.”

And as the moon begins to fade, subsequently dialling down the intensity, the sun inches closer to Jupiter – the “luckiest planet” in astrology.

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So for some star signs, prosperity in love is something to look forward to.

Shannon told Express.co.uk: “This fortunate alignment happens approximately once a year. The volcano has erupted, and now we can take a deep breath, give ourselves space and hopefully have some fun this weekend.

“The luckiest signs in love this weekend are Aries, Sagittarius, Leo and Scorpio.”

According to the astrologer, these signs all have one thing in common – they are all fire signs, with the exception of Scorpio. However, the signs’ fierce traits make it an equal contender when it comes to romance.

Shannon said: “The fire signs will be feeling the passion because the Sun joining Jupiter, the planet of luck, ignites a flame of fortune within us all.

“These signs are going to feel the most at home within themselves, with the confidence to connect with others, while sporting an attractive magnetism this weekend.

“Scorpio will have the Moon in its zodiac sign all weekend. Coming off a Full Moon on Thursday, feelings of relief and release are in the air.

“The Moon pulls Scorpios into themselves, highlighting themes of intimacy and sensuality.”


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