Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for April 14



Attempts to get others to agree to some changes you are thinking about will seem to have the opposite effect on those you are trying to persuade. An argument will erupt over a matter so trivial you might feel someone is deliberately trying to rock the boat.


It will feel like you are being pushed and pulled from many different directions. This will be mentally and physically exhausting. Although it will all get a bit too much for you, don’t walk away. Instead, make a list of priorities and decide what can be left for another day.


Explanations will be needed when questions are asked. These won’t be easy conversations. To make matters worse, money that has been wasted in the past will come up for discussion. Practical questions are being raised. You will be doing your best to be consistent.


Trust your intuition. Even if someone will tell you that you have got it all wrong, your hunches are reliable. The moment you try to analyse why you feel the way you do, confusion will set in. Cutting corners might help complete some work sooner but this could cause later problems.


If you can come up with decent plans and tangible promises you could gain the support of those who matter. No one is going to pretend it’s going to be easy so it’s not short-term plans that need to be made. You need to look at the bigger picture.


Someone is being very caring and compassionate and you might feel you don’t deserve them. They disagree. They are grateful for all you have done for them recently and this is their way of showing their gratitude. There is talk of technical upgrading in the workplace.


Someone you live with or work with is deceiving you in order to get their own way. You have been suspecting this but you hadn’t wanted to acknowledge it. You hoped your suspicions were wrong but something will happen today to prove you have been right all along.


A new colleague will introduce you to ideas or methods that will make the job easier. You will have tips too that enable them to learn from you. A special project gets off the ground thanks to a talented friend’s assistance.


When you’re mixing with or dealing with people who have powerful personalities it won’t be easy to get your own voice heard. It can feel like the case of whoever shouts the loudest gets their own way and this won’t feel right or fair.


Your life is in for a change. A new job or house move will feel like this should be a good move for you. Although you are nervous, you will feel excited at the same time as things now seem to be going your way.


You’ve been hiding your worries from someone close as you did not want to worry them too. News received later in the day will help keep your anxieties at bay. Something you have been hoping for is about to be realised although you never expected it to happen this way.


A close friend will give you a suitable excuse to get out of arrangements you aren’t keen on. You won’t want to join anyone in activities that need a lot of energy or take up a lot of your time. Preferably you will get some quiet time to do some leisurely thinking.


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