Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for August 13



Improving your knowledge, skills or experience is something you feel positive about. You’re never too old to learn. Be open to new and original ideas. Expect to be praising the benefits of an online study course with someone who is thinking about studying something similar.


The best part of the day for you will be when you find yourself in the company of some like-minded friends. Sharing ideas with each other will fill you with excitement. You can rely on colleagues and work superiors to lend their support in a major undertaking.


Your positive attitude and forward looking approach to most things will make people sit up and take notice. Not only this but you are being observed by someone in a high position who could put some new opportunities your way. Your ability to act independently is impressive.


A lively discussion will develop on an online forum. This talk will remind you of your priorities. You might find some great buys at a market or car boot sale. Money can also be saved by buying from a friend who is selling an item you need in almost new condition at half the price it is going for in the shops.


A company representative is seeking to fill an important post. If you have the skills and you are looking for a job, be sure to get in your application immediately. You need to look more closely at plans you’re making for the future. If you’re considering a further education or training course, will you be able to fit this into your current lifestyle?


It will seem impossible to get any time to yourself. Life has become strangely busy. In fact at times it will feel as if a whirlwind is sweeping through your world. Some great opportunities will come through today’s activities so fight that desire to hide yourself away.


You might admit that taking part in some activities that are physically demanding will make you realise how unfit you have become. You are making more effort to be more health-conscious and you will want to take positive action to get back into top condition.


High energy levels and a hopeful outlook will provide you with the drive to accomplish a special aim. Small successes are meaningful now. Each accomplishment will propel you forward, keeping you motivated. An ethical matter will be resolved this evening.


Family discussions will take up a lot of your time. You want to know everyone is in agreement before you go ahead with certain plans. Maximise every chance you get to talk to an older relative round to your way of thinking. A youngster will be in high spirits this evening.


Worrying over what other people might think is preventing you from doing something you really want to do. Is it fair to allow yourself to be held back because of concern that someone won’t understand you? Don’t worry about what anyone else is saying. What’s important is that you pursue your heart’s desire.


You may not be feeling as ambitious as other people in your team. In fact what you would really appreciate is to have more free time to rest, relax and get centred. Even so you will give your support to changes being suggested that might bring improvements into your life.


Don’t look at what is becoming a challenge to be a waste of time. Battle through the storm and you will be delighted by what you find on the other side. A choice must be made. Someone is waiting to hear your decision. Choose the option that is likely to bring you the most rewards.


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