Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for June 20


You do appreciate it when people offer to help you and you won’t mean to sound rude but you will just prefer to get on, alone. Although you can find it fun to share ideas and work as a team, there are other times when it is easier when you don’t have to compromise.


A request or application will be acknowledged. You had expected to have to wait longer for feedback so this will be a pleasant surprise. Someone behind the scenes will be singing your praises and an unexpected offer will give you something exciting to look forward to.


You’re keen to pursue a desire for fun and adventure. Your family and friends won’t be as enthusiastic. They already have plans they cannot cancel and will ask that you give them more notice, next time you want to strike out in a new direction.


A spendthrift friend will approach you for a loan. This isn’t the first time and you know it is unlikely they will ever pay you back. You work hard for your money and they are taking advantage of your kindness. One way to prevent this is to spend a little cash on yourself for a change.


With you being so in tune with family, friends and colleagues it will seem as if you can discuss anything and completely understand each other. If you’re longing for a change of scene or to go on an exotic vacation, now would be a good time to start making plans.


You’re more experimental than usual and that’s because you can see how new ways of working could be beneficial. Imaginative friends and colleagues will love this more creative side of you. Delightful opportunities crop up all around you, all thanks to your flexible frame of mind.


It might feel like you’re always the one others look to when they need someone to promote harmony and cooperation. Friends, relatives and those in your immediate surroundings will be turning to you to help keep conversations evenly balanced. You intuitively know how to respond when tempers become heated.


Working with a large group of people will not go very well. Everyone has their opinions and no-one seems to want to listen to anyone else. Opposing forces in the form of other people’s views, beliefs and opinions cause nothing but tension and disharmony.


One way to put your high levels of energy to good use will be to turn dreams and wishes into reality. You won’t want to be deterred by people who hesitate or deliberate. You know what you want to do and no one will be allowed to stop you.


You’re looking to the future with the intention of making decisions that help you maintain a sense of emotional and financial security. You aren’t yet sure how to go about achieving this but one way will be to nourish friendships with people who are sensible, reliable and honest.


You can’t explain the feeling but something is telling you that today’s activities are going to be successful. You’re so optimistic that it will be easier than usual to ignore anyone who objects to whatever is being planned or proposed.


Someone who has been keeping their thoughts to themselves will find it easier to get their views across to you. They appreciate your patience and understanding. You might use this harmonious phase to your advantage by encouraging a cooperative effort. This is your chance to sort things out to your liking.

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