Horrified mum sees terrifying and familiar face in her hunter’s chicken dish


Chantelle Warrick, a mother of three, was scared when she spotted the face of Michael Myers from the Halloween movies in her hunter’s chicken. As she prepared her husband Steve’s favorite meal, Chantelle couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the eerie character’s face on the meat. The resemblance sent chills down her spine.

The 45-year-old transport business owner admitted that the sight of the dish was “horrible” and it completely put her off eating the rest of her food.

Sharing the unsettling image on Facebook, Chantelle wrote: “I decided to make hunter’s chicken for my other half and got the shock of my life when it came out looking like Michael Myers from Halloween.”

The post quickly gained traction, accumulating over 7,000 likes, comments, and shares. Some people even pointed out that it also bore a resemblance to Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, who infamously wore his victim’s skin as a mask.

Chantelle wrote: “When I looked at it I nearly peed myself. I shouted [to my husband] ‘Steve, Steve, take a look at this!’ At first, I thought it looked like Frankenstein, but then it definitely resembled Michael Myers from Halloween. It was horrible. Steve saw the face and said it looked horrible too. He still ate it though, he didn’t care.”

Chantelle hadn’t seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but acknowledged that the comparisons to Leatherface were valid based on the pictures others shared in the comments.

She said: “It’s horrendous. It’s not what you want to see looking back at you from your dinner. My husband ate it, he’s a braver person than I am, that’s for sure. I’m not a massive fan of horror films, I’ve not watched it yet but it’s on my to-watch list.”

Hunter’s chicken, a dish consisting of chicken breast wrapped in bacon and smothered in barbecue sauce and cheese, is not one Chantelle prepares frequently. However, she occasionally indulges her husband’s love for it by serving it with chips.

The peculiar face on the chicken emerged after it was cooked in the oven, though Chantelle initially didn’t notice it. It was only when she went to take out that particular piece with her fork that she was taken aback by the resemblance.

Describing the details of the face, Chantelle explained, “The hair is the BBQ sauce, the cheese forms the face. Where the eyes are, I think it’s where the cheese has melted into the barbecue sauce. The mouth bit must be the bacon coming through.”

Since sharing the horrifying discovery online, numerous individuals have flocked to the comments section to express their agreement with the likeness to Michael Myers and Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

One commenter exclaimed, “That’s Michael Myers.” Another added, “That’s some Texas Chainsaw stuff.” A third person couldn’t believe their eyes and asked, “Holy smokes!! That is horrifying!! Did you still eat it??? Yeah, I am not sleeping tonight. Thank you very much!!!”

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