How to hide grey hairs: Styling techniques that ‘conceal greys’ in seconds

Everyone gets grey hair eventually, especially as we age because “hair follicles product less colour,” Harvard University reveals. “So when hair goes through its natural cycle of dying and being regenerated, it’s more likely to grow in as grey beginning after age 35”. 

Genetics also play a role in when grey hair starts appearing. Luckily, two hair experts have shared their tips for hiding grey – and it doesn’t involve dying the hair.  

Hairstylists Ghanima Abdullah and Maria Fontana both agreed that “flat hair makes grey hair more noticeable”, so “creating volume at the roots helps mask the grey”. 

To create body and volume, use a “curling iron at the roots of your hair up top” because “when your hair is moving this way and that, the greys are not as noticeable”. 

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Another way to add volume is to change your parting. Ghanima explained: “For whatever reason, grey hairs like to hang out where they are most visible. 

“So that can be right in the front of your head or on either side of a part. 

“You can defeat those little fellas by changing your part to a different area of your head where greys aren’t yet as visible.”

Maria suggests styling hair with a messy, tousled look” and if there are any harsh lines between grey and colour, “dab on brow gel” or spray temporary coloured concealer to “blend greys”. 

For anyone who prefers their hair up and out of their face, there are a few voluminous styles to try. 

Ghanima recommends “making a bun or topknot” to “conceal” grey hairs that “come out randomly at the top of your head”. The style can be sleek or messy, whatever you prefer. 

If there are grey hairs “peeking out around your hairline”, consider wearing a headband. 

“If your headband isn’t quite as wide as you need it to be, change it up into a thin scarf—then you can rock that top knot or messy bun with the rest of your hair,” Ghanima told She Finds. 

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