How to look younger: 3 ‘outdated’ hairstyles women 40+ should avoid as they ‘age you’

Haircuts don’t have age restrictinos, and anyone, of any age can and should wear their hair how they like. With that being said, it’s common for women over 40 to opt for shoulder-length, or shorter hairstyles, especially with hormone imbalances contributing to changes in hair texture, colour and growth. Anyone looking to maintain a sense of youthfulness should avoid three styles according to the experts; thick, blunt bangs, spiky pixie, and a medium-length, layerless lob. Here’s what to opt for instead. 

Avoid: Thick, blunt bangs 

A thick, blunt fringe can be seen as edgy and bold, but Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist from The Right Hairstyles, warns it can add years to the face as it draws attention to wrinkles, instead of framing the face or emphasising the cheekbones. 

Ghanima said thick, blunt fringes that sit below the eyebrows with an equally blunt hairstyle – long or short – can “emphasise every sign of age in the face”. 

The sharp edge of the fring doesn’t “frame the face well” and all the attention is pushed to the eye area and any crows feet or smile lines become the focal point.

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Choose: Pixie with side-swept fringe 

A pixie cut is great for highlighting the “eyes and cheekbones”, but to ensure it doesn’t age you, consider side-swept bangs as they will “steal all the attention”.

Alongside “long, side-swept bangs,” the rest of the style should be angled and in large sections. 

This is also a great style to hide any hair loss, simply sweep the hair to the area you wish to conceal. 

When visiting a salon, speak to a stylist about the amount and placement of layers, especially if you want to create more volume. 

Avoid: Medium-length, layerless lob 

A lob, formerly known as a long bob can look “flat and dull” if it’s one length. 

Ghanima noted how the hair thins as you get older, and having it in a long style doesn’t deliver the impact it once did. Therefore, longer thin hair “can age you”. To avoid this, consider a shorter haircut; “lobs, bobs that fall in the neck area or above the shoulders, soften angles that come out in your face with age”, the stylist suggested. 

Choose: Asymmetrial lob with layers 

For anyone with long hair who doesn’t want to commit to short hair, the lob is the perfect comprimise. Not only is it “versatile” but it is “terrific for creating a youthful look”, the stylist told She Finds. 

To ensure it has maximum impact, opt for lots of texture which allows for movement and fullness. 

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