How to look younger: Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup tips to ‘lift the face’ & ‘smooth lines’

Makeup is a great way to enhance your natural features, and makeup artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury shared her tips for smoothing out fine lines, lifting the eyes and creating a contour that “lifts the face”. The lady who was lucky enough to receive the makeover remarked she looked “20 years younger”. 

Diana was in Charlotte’s makeup chair and asked: “I’d really like flawless-looking skin to accentuate my eyes.” 

Charlotte had four steps when applying makeup; beautiful skin, creating a natural base, blending a smokey eye and then adding finishing touches. 

When Diane looked in the mirror she remarked: “Oh wow! That is truly amazing. My eyes are magnificent – I think I look 20 years younger! Thank you.” 

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A natural base 

“I’m going to start off by using a foundation, that’s just going to give you a beautiful skin, and you’re not even going to realise that you’re wearing foundation,” Charlotte said. 

“A mixture of skincare and foundation but it gives you incredible coverage. 

“We’re going to use something that is so fantastic – this concealer has the power of an eye cream and the power of an eye cream. 

“It smooths, it lifts and it doesn’t sit in the fine lines, so it’s incredibly underneath the eyes – you get that shapewear effect of lifting, smoothing – it is amazing, look at that eye lift effect.”

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Smokey eye 

Charlotte started off by using a “cream eyeshadow which is so easy to apply, you can literally do it with a finger”. 

“Swipe, smudge, go and it’s super forgiving. I’m now going to apply a black eye line along the eye line, and then take a smudger brush and blend that in, and then I can drag it out to the outer corner, and that’s going to give you that gorgeous smokey depth. 

“No look is complete without mascara and I’m going to get this right into the bottom of the lashes, and it’s really like a push-up bra for the lashes.” 

Finishing touches 

“For a quick and easy contour that lifts the face, I always say suck in the cheeks and follow the hollow,” Charlotte remarked. 

“I’m now going to finish the look with a pink lip liner and lipstick to match – it will keep the focus on the eyes. 

“This colour is super flattering and suits everyone – it brings out the natural colours in the lip, and will never fight with the smokey eye, it will just compliment it. Now I’m finishing off with a collagen lip gloss,” she said. 

“I always like to put blusher on last – if you smile, right there on the apple of the cheeks, and I do it so it won’t compete with the eyeshadow or the lip, you know exactly how much to put on.” 

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