How to look younger: ‘I am 82 but people say I look 20 years younger – here is my secret’


One woman’s “amazing” anti-ageing advice has taken the internet by storm, with praise coming from both younger and older generations

Kandee Johnson enjoys posting beauty tutorials to social media and recently shared a video to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday.

Her grandmother was turning 82 and Kandee asked her for her best advice on how to look younger.

She said: “Okay Nana, tell me what are your secrets because everybody says ‘How does she look so young?’”

Kandee added: “What are your top tips?”

Kandee’s Nana jokingly replied “First thing – don’t tell anybody okay!” and then revealed her anti-ageing secrets.

Nana said: “Take vitamin C and vitamin E every day – it’s good for your cells.”

Kandee has revealed that her grandmother has been taking these supplements for 60 years.

According to Healthline, vitamin E may benefit the skin and help older adults, as it can reduce inflammation and improve your immune system.

Vitamin C may be beneficial in reducing blood pressure and may lower the risk of heart disease, as well as boosting immunity.

However, Nana also had two other essential pieces of advice for looking young and being happy at 82.

Nana advised: “Get plenty of sleep and be good to everybody you love.”

In Kandee’s comment section, viewers praised the thoughtful advice.

One person wrote: “Your family has amazing genes. Everyone is so beautiful!”

Kandee replied and said: “Thank you, I hope I have [Nana’s] youthful genes.”

Another commentator said Nana “looks fantastic” while somebody else said she had a “beautiful complexion.”

Somebody else said: “She looks like she’s 20 years younger than she is. Wow!”


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