How to look younger: Most flattering hairstyles according to your face shape

When it comes to choosing a new haircut, considering your face shape is important. After all, you can choose the trendiest hairstyle, but if it doesn’t suit the shape of your face then it won’t be flattering. Whether your face is a rectangle, heart, triangle or diamond, the right cut can frame and balance it, whilst “showcasing your best features” to create a “flattering” look. 

The best way to identify what shape face you have is by taking a photo of yourself facing the camera with your hair tied back. 

Then trace the outside of your face and see which shape it most closely resembles. 


Those with a rectangle face will have a sharp jaw and forehead, so opting for hairstyles that soften these areas without elongating the face is important. 

Therefore, avoid long styles, especially long hair that is one length. 

Instead, choose a layered cut and style it with a blowdry, waves or curls as these will “add horizontal volume” and “soften any sharp angles”. Layers can also “enhance the cheekbones”. 

If you want a fringe to not only add interest but also hide any forehead wrinkles, choose “soft, rounded fringes and curtain bangs over square styles and blunt-cut options”. 

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There are a variety of hairstyles that are suitable for oval faces; consider long locks or a short crop for maximum impact. 

For ladies who like short hair, a blunt bob or long bob, also known as a lob, with “subtle layers will look particularly chic”. If you prefer long hair, keep layers minimal, or add curls and waves to prevent the length from dragging the face down. 

When it comes to partings, it’s best to stick to your natural hair parting. 


Round faces are similar in length and width and feature rounded cheeks, so to flatter the shape, add definition. 

Long layered cuts and choppy pixie cuts are “best”. If choosing length, stagger the layers around the jawline. You can also add a short side fringe that finishes below the eye to help lengthen the face. 

There are a few haircuts to avoid; bobs and single-length cuts, along with short layers as they can balloon around the face. Full curls also enhance the appearance of roundness. 

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Anyone with a square-shaped face will have a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and a strong jawline. 

To offset the squareness, select a side-parting style. Long and airy layers can be flattering and can help “disguise sharp angles”. 

Celebrity hairstylist and natural hair expert Kee Taylor suggested “playing with volume” She explained: “Square face shapes go very well with volume on both sides, with the length cut pretty much to the chin. This style creates perfect symmetry between the face and hair.”

For cropped lengths, bobs are a great choice, and angled bobs that are longer at the front can cover the “width of the cheeks”. Add a sweeping side bring to “draw attention to cheekbones instead of jawline”. 

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Heart-shaped faces feature a broad forehead and cheekbones with narrow jawlines and chin. 

To add fullness around the jaw, sweeping fringes or long bobs can help. 

Pair this style with waves or curls – but have them starting below the ear to even out the angled jawline. 

Alternatively, a side-parting pixie cut with texture ends is great for heart-shaped faces. 

Kee told Byrdie: “One of the best parts about a heart-shaped face is due to the width of the forehead, you have the perfect face for bangs. 

“Adding bangs creates character, too, so many styles and can be very sexy. You can even shape the bangs to be a little longer on the sides for more in-depth framing of the face.”


Those with a triangle face shape have strong jawlines, which are wider than the forehead. The chin is also square or flat in shape. 

To balance out the jaw it’s important to choose a haircut with layers, but they need to finish around the eyes and cheekbones for short haircuts, or around the collarbone for longer hair. 

Avoid straight bob cuts that emphasise the jaw and a long fringe. 


Diamond is an angular face shape with the cheekbones being the widest point of the face and a narrow forehead and jawline. 

Aim to soften the sharp angles and try to balance out the cheekbones – consider a shoulder-length hairstyle. 

Long layers with a side-swept fringe are also a great option, think old Hollywood waves. You can also wear your hair in a ponytail to showcase the cheekbones. 

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