How to look younger: Mum, 40, shares anti-aging tips to tighten loose tummy skin

Content creator @bossbodylife shares inspiring videos on TikTok. The mum underwent a huge body transformation after having children, and now is in fantastic shape.

She shared a video showing off her incredible physique with muscular limbs and rippling abdominals. She wrote: “Over 40 ladies? We can be sexy, empowered, and fit. I’m in my 40s, but people think I am in my 20s.”

The content creator, who has 35K followers, has shared with her fans how she gained 60lbs when she had her first baby. She felt constantly tired with no energy to do anything, but then she decided to get in shape.

Now she shares tips on how to look younger with other TikTok users, helping them to look their best. In one such video, she told her followers how to get rid of loose and saggy skin. She recommended using a dry brush on her stomach, brushing in an upwards motion from the bottom of the stomach to the top.

Then she suggested squeezing fresh lemon juice and using this on the skin before applying a half-and-half mixture of vitamin E and castor oil. The content creator claimed using this method and bedtime helped her to frim up the saggy skin on her stomach.

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The mum also uses a homemade mask, created using egg whites. She claims the mask tightens the skin on the face, reduces fine lines, and avoids premature aging.

So, how does it work? The mom suggested poking a hole in the egg and then pouring the egg white onto your fingers. The mum rubs the egg white onto her face and then lies back for 45 minutes.

While the mum swears by it, some do find they experience skin irritation when using egg white on the face. She also shared her three best exercises for sculpting her bottom. Firstly, the mum recommends lunges, stepping back into the movement to work the glutes.

She then suggests the same move with a “back kick”, picking the back leg off the floor and kicking upwards to work the booty. And lastly, the mum suggests trying the Bulgarian split squat to get the bottom in shape. The content creator is not the only youthful mum sharing her tips to look fantastic on TikTok.

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One 48-year-old anti-aging guru Michelle Silva shared the tips she has learned while working in the beauty industry. Michelle has almost 60K followers on the account where she discusses healthy aging.

She claims there is a formula when it comes to anti-aging. Michelle said: “I’m 48 but I feel like I look like I’m in my 30s, and that is not a flex, that’s anti-aging at its best. I’m convinced that there’s a formula to the fountain of youth.”

She said: “It’s a combination of preserving the skin, and preventing extrinsic aging, which is when premature aging sets in long before it’s supposed to.

“It anti-aging, skin care and treatments, and most importantly, you need a certain mindset. I created this platform to share what’s been working for me. If it works for me, it can certainly work for you.”

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