‘I let my sister marry my ex but now I want him back’

One lady took to the sharing platform Reddit for some advice on matters of the heart.

She confessed to the forum that she was “in love” with her sister’s husband – who she had been with first.

The woman revealed that they were “high school sweethearts” and he was her “first for everything” before the relationship eventually ran its course.

She admitted that while she had tried to get over him by dating other guys, her feelings never went away.

And to make matters worse, he ended up dating her sister, which she described as “the worst time of [her] life”.

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She told the forum: “I of course still supported their relationship and never acted on my feelings, but it hurt to see them like that.”

Recently, her sister came out that she was a lesbian and she “could not help to feel glad” that she had a chance to “finally reconcile” with him.

She shared that she totally supported her sister when she was with him – during their four year relationship – but is unsure how she will react if she confesses her feelings.

She admitted that since her sister and her sister’s husband got divorced, she had been spending a lot of time with him.

Explaining that her feelings “just keep getting stronger”, she disclosed: “I’m scared I’m going to slip up one night and do something bad.”

Reddit users flocked to the comments with their advice and opinions, some siding with the poster and others with her sister.

One user suggested she confess her feelings: “I know most won’t agree with me but who cares if she gets upset. She betrayed you first. 

“Also that’s why you don’t mess around with family members’ exes because there may be lingering feelings there and you stupidly put yourself in the middle of that. She is no angel and she did it to herself.”

But another warned her to steer clear: “See now, what you’re failing to consider is that he may not like you back, you might slip up but imagine how much worse you’d feel if he rejected you. Not worth it.

“Also, be real, his wife just came out as gay and now he’s having to go through the process of divorce which I imagine he never even considered before.

“If he is like any other man then he isn’t gonna want to be anywhere near your family if only to save himself from sinking into depression.”

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