‘I was kicked out of a shopping centre because of my racy outfit’


An influencer was asked to leave a shopping center over her skimpy outfit because her boobs stand out too much, she has revealed.

Instagrammer Jaiane Lima, who boasts more than 477,000 followers on the platform, claims she was booted out for wearing inappropriate clothes in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Wearing a short skirt and long-sleeved top, Lima was visiting the mall with some friends to film content for her social media page when she was shouted at by security guards.

Pictures show the influencer had knee-high socks and a beige mini-skirt on while security escorted her through the mall in 30-degree heat.

Soon after she started filming content, Lima alleges that a 6’6” security guard yelled at her and tried to seize her phone before two additional colleagues arrived.

She explained: “The security guard’s words were, as follows, ‘As soon as you arrived in those clothes I was watching you’.

“I went to the mall and I was humiliated, I live on the coast and it was 30C. We had the idea of making a video as many influencers do.

“The video was filmed on the escalator and you can see it was nothing too much, I filmed from the front.”

Feeling the treatment was unjust, Lima hit out at the bodyguards for “humiliating” her in front of passersby despite not having done anything wrong.

The influencer believes she caught the attention of security guards because her boobs stood out too much in her outfit.

“I know my breasts are big and stand out, but I love them.” She noted. “I managed to record one video. I didn’t film any storefronts or anything that breaks the law, nor did I deserve to be humiliated in front of everyone.

“The whole mall was looking at me and it seemed like I robbed a store or committed some kind of crime.”

She was subsequently asked to accompany the three men to a back room but started filming for fear that she may not be safe.

“When he said I had to accompany him and two other security guards to a back room I started to film him,” she explained.

“I was very scared, I could only think the worst – when I got there he forced me to delete all the videos from my phone.

“Thank goodness I managed to save some to the iCloud, but many were lost.”

She claims the incident is a prime example of the mistreatment women are subjected to daily for wearing what they want.

“It is very sad to see how we women suffer,” noted Lima. “For people to respect women they need to understand that they can be whatever they want.

“Whether she’s a housewife or wearing something revealing, we all deserve respect.”


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