I’m 40-years old but people say I look 25 due to my budget skincare routine for under £80


An American anti-ageing expert who looks younger than her actual age has explained you can get prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing with a cheap skincare routine.

Dr Shereene Idriss is a dermatologist from New York City who has shared her expertise by explaining what beauty products you need to fight signs of aging and said you can get an effective skincare routine for under $100 (£80).

She posted a video to her TikTok account @shereeneidriss and said: “You do not need to spend a million dollars on an anti-aging skincare routine. Get a really solid one for underneath $100.”

To begin, Dr Idriss said it was important to clean your face, and that you simply needed to wash your face with water in the morning, but at night she recommended the Vanicream gentle face cleanser which is an American beauty product which only costs $9 (£7) on Amazon.

Dr Idriss said she thinks this is a good cleanser for beginners because it is incredibly gentle on the skin, and advised this cleanser should be paired with micellar water to make sure the face is cleaner properly.

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She recommended the Bioderma Cleansing Water, which is great was sensitive skin and can be bought for £8.80.

Dr Idriss said: “Is it the best at removing makeup? Nope, so you can marry it to micellar water. My preferred one is by Bioderma.”

Next, Dr Idriss moved on to exfoliation, which she said can be done at night only a few times a week. For a product that has “anti-ageing benefits”,

Dr Idriss said to look out for products which have alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid, and recommended the Hydroxy Acid Serum by Inkey List, which can be bought for £13.

The skincare expert then explained serums. A Vitamin C serum should be used as part of a morning skincare routine while a serum containing retinol, a very important anti-ageing ingredient, should only be used at night.

She recommended the Vitamin C Serum from Vanicream can by bought for $19 (£15), and Dr Idriss recommended the Retinol Serum by Elf which is priced at £22.

For the final step, Dr Idriss said a moisturiser which contains SPF is vital for protection against the sun. She said: “You can get a two-in-one, the La Roche Posay Toleriane, which doubles as a moisturiser and SPF because it’s loaded with ceramides, and you get SPF 30 protection.”

This moisturiser for sensitive skin can be bought for only £14.40, which means Dr Idriss’ total skincare routine can be bought for £80.20.

In Dr Idriss’ comment section, people praised her advise, and some people were shocked by her age.

One user said: “You look like [you’re] 25” while another person wrote: “Who else is just staring at her glistening supple skin?”

A third commentator said: “40?? No way! You look much younger.”

Someone else said: “I am following all of your advice, I honestly thought you were in your 20s!”


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