‘I’m 50-years-old old but people believe I look 24 due to some simple beauty tricks’


A 50-year-old woman who looks decades younger than her actual age has explained how she goes from “ginger drab to fab” with some simple beauty rules.

Polly is from Glasgow, Scotland and enjoys posting about both “skincare and kitties” on her TikTok account @pollytellsall.

She recently made a video stating that many people are shocked when they discover her actual age, and has some advice for many women wishing to look younger. 

Polly said: “POV you’re 50 but no one ever believes you so you just go with it and act like you’re 30s.”

However, Polly continued and explained that “good perfume and red lipstick” will always help any woman look their best, and added: “Cheer up! It’s summertime [and perfect] for summer perfume and red lips.”

In some other videos, Polly also revealed some of her favourite beauty products, and said that “good skincare and a touch of makeup can make all the difference.”

She showed how she went from “ginger drab to fab” and added: “If I can do it at 50 so can you.”

Polly showed herself using the Radiance+ Vitamin C Serum and the Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum by No7.

In another video, Polly also revealed she used the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream in order to keep her skin glowing and dewy and sometimes used Sisley eye cream to prevent bags under her eyes.

In Polly’s TikTok comment section, many users have complimented her “gorgeous” appearance as well as expressed surprise at Polly’s age.

One user said: “Absolutely stunning!”

Another person wrote: “I really miss telling people your age and them being stunned! it was my favourite thing! haha. Still looking 24!”

Someone else commented: “Still can’t get over you being 50. Looking beautiful.”


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