‘I’m 82 but l look younger and wrinkle-free thanks to my simple secret skincare routine’


A fresh-faced grandmother who looks decades younger than her actual age has explained her simple skincare routine in order to prevent wrinkles.

Vera DiLeo is an 82-year-old who runs a vintage clothes business and has confessed she is still “young at heart” despite being a nana.

She has amazed people online after confessing her actual age, as many of her fans thought she was much younger.

In one video, Vera posed for the camera as a voiceover saying: “Tell me you don’t look your age without telling me you don’t look your age” and revealed she is in her eighties.

Her fans immediately rushed to the comment section to beg Vera for her skincare beauty secrets. One user said: “You got a mama, I thought you were 45 tops” while another person committed: “What?! Oh my god, you’re so hot!”

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Someone else wrote: “There’s no way you’re 80. You look 60 at the very oldest, what is your secret?!”

Vera thanked people for their kind words and has given an in-depth video tutorial on what beauty products she uses to look younger than her actual age.

She said: “Some of you have asked how I’m 80 and still look young (which is so sweet). Here is my skincare routine.”

In order to clear her skin, Vera has explained she is a big fan of Clinique. She said she uses the Clinique Clean Cleanser. Clarifying Lotion Exfoliator and Exfoliating Scrub to first wash her face, as well as using Clinique’s makeup remover.

Vera added: “Always wash your face with cold water too!”


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