‘I’m wrinkle-free at 52 thanks to a purchase that makes me glow’


She later revealed to her followers: “Top number one is this Eborian CC cream for redness. It’s amazing.

“I am suffering with a little bit of redness at the moment, so I’ve popped this on. It’s so lightweight, it’s also got an SPF in, so this is multi-functional. I love this product, it’s amazing.”

There are several factors responsible for the reddening of the face, but the top contributors are sunburns, acne, hot flashes, and conditions like rosacea.

Naturally, the risk of these conditions heightens with age, explaining the higher rates of facial redness in older age groups.

In previous videos, the senior beauty influencer credited her diet for her exceptional glow and urged her followers to eat more plants to improve their skin.

Annamaria explained drinking water was essential, adding that it “makes such a difference and it’s something you can do easily.”

She also pointed out how a diet packed with vegetables, fruits, and legumes should be combined with a regular exercise routine for a better complexion.

“Get stretching, do whatever you can because by moving your body you are [helping] your blood [circulate],” she explained in the clip.


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