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Daniel Craig’s James Bond era, the longest in the series’ history from 2006-2021, had four directors across his five 007 movies.

GoldenEye’s Martin Campbell rebooted the franchise once again with Casino Royale, followed by Marc Forster’s Quantum of Solace.

Meanwhile, after Danny Boyle bowed out of the fifth film finale, Cary Fukunaga was roped in on No Time To Die.

But before that, Sir Sam Mendes helmed a duo of movies in 50th anniversary film Skyfall and its follow-up Spectre.

Last year, the Oscar-winning director presented the premiere of the latter in concert at the Royal Albert Hall, where he made an incredible Easter Egg.

As a special treat, the director revealed his Spectre cameo over seven years after the film’s release.

Mendes brought up the 2015 blockbuster’s train scene when Mr Hinx’s Dave Bautista attacks Craig’s Bond.

The silent henchman ends up being tied to barrels by 007 before falling off the train.

And just before Hinx is pulled off with the barrels, the villain simply says, in what sounds like a French accent, “s***”.

This was thought to be the former wrestler’s only line in the movie, but it turns out the voice work was done by the director himself.

Mendes promised to stick around up until that moment at least, when the whole Royal Albert Hall erupted in a cheer.


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